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“COVID-Ready” Hotels on the Camino: The Alda San Carlos (Alda Group)

We wrote recently about how hotels are implementing the new Government COVID-19 guidelines in their countries.

As a follow up we have been in touch with our suppliers to find out exactly what changes they will be making in the hotels and how it may affect clients.

One such hotel we partner with is the Alda Group hotels who have a number of great hotels in Galicia.

As of writing this blog, the Alda group was planning to have all of their hotels opening from today (June 9th).

We have been working with the Alda San Carlos for years now. It’s a lovely hotel just a 15-minute walk from the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in the heart of the city.

When we reached out to the Alda San Carlos, they advised us of the measures they are taking to be “COVID-ready”.

Measures taken to be COVID Ready:

  • We clean and disinfect all facilities with certified virucides (special virus disinfectant) recommended by the Ministry of Health.
  • We pay special attention to preferential disinfection areas.
  • We use air purifiers in the rooms after being occupied.
  • We disinfect pillows and mattresses after each client’s departure.
  • We have a virucidal solution sprayer at your disposal for the disinfection of client suitcases and footwear.
  • Our staff has strict protocols, a manual of good practices, and all the necessary material to avoid contagion from yourself and others.
  • Our laundry service guarantees the disinfection of all bedding.
  • We have gel and glove dispensers at your disposal.


We have also been advised by the Alda San Carlos that breakfast in the hotel will be takeaway only.

“We are pleased to report that our Operations, Commercial and Communication and Marketing departments have worked together to redesign the customer experience, and develop comprehensive cleaning and hygiene protocols for protection and prevention against COVID-19, so that our customers can enjoy their stay with the maximum tranquility.” Alda San Carlos, June 2020 is working very closely with our partner hotels on the Camino de Santiago and the Via Francigena to bring you regular updates of the work being undertaken to become “COVID ready”.

With international borders opening up for tourism this summer, we hope to bring you more updates like this over the coming weeks showcasing the great work and collaborative efforts going on behind the scenes.

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