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“COVID-ready” on the Camino: Hotel-Restaurant le Barriol, Saint Julien Chapteuil (France)

In our previous post, we discussed the health & safety measures that will be taken by the French hotels on the Camino.

In addition to discussing the measures outlined, we are also examining how individual hotels and smaller guesthouses that we use are implementing the measures in practice.

In France, we work with the Hotel-Restaurant le Barriol, Saint Julien Chapteuil.

This small hotel-restaurant (capacity 10 rooms) is located in a quaint little town close to Le Puy which makes it very convenient for walking the Camino de Santiago from Le Puy.

Measures taken by Hotel-Restaurant Le Barriol

General Measures:

  • Wearing of masks is obligatory within the hotel.
  • Hands to be sanitized on entry to the hotel, there will be sanitizer at the entry point.
  • Distance markers on the floor
  • Perspex at the reception area
  • Regular disinfection of all contact points


  • Orders are taken the previous evening.  
  • Time slots are spread out to avoid congestion/busy times etc. 
  • Table service or buffet served by staff. 
  • Tables and chairs disinfected after each customer


  • Available from 4 pm, or 2 pm if the room is vacant the previous night.
  • Rooms are aired for a minimum of 3 hours from the departure of the previous client
  • Disinfection of all touchpoints/ points of contact.
  • Laundry washed at 60 degrees.


  • 1 metre space minimum between the tables
  • 10 people in a group is the maximum per table
  • QR codes used or menus are written on a slate
  • Staff will wear masks
  • Tables and chairs are disinfected after each customer

We are confident that the implementation of these measures at the Hotel-Restaurant le Barriol will ensure the health and safety of its guests in accordance with government guidelines.

The health and safety of our clients is our top concern and we are consistently checking in with the hotels on the Camino de Santiago to ensure they are implementing the guidelines.

If you will be traveling in France or and staying at a French hotel, let us know if you have any queries by filling out the form below:


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