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COVID-19 Spain Travel Update from Spanish Tourist Board: July 1st

There is good news from Spain this week in our Spain travel update.

On June 21st, Spain eased its travel restrictions and opened its borders to tourism. One exception is Portugal which is due to open today on July 1st.

We have been working closely with hotels in Spain and the Spanish tourist board to ensure that measures are in place to safely welcome pilgrims back on the Camino de Santiago routes.

We are confident that our suppliers in Spain are working hard to ensure they are ready to accept pilgrims again.

Seal of Responsible Tourism launched

Spain has just last week launched a new seal of quality called the Seal of Responsible Tourism.

This seal is available from the Spanish government on the completion of a form (by the establishment) detailing the commitment to following the guidelines set out by the Spanish tourist board.

Detailed guidelines that must be followed cover tour guides, hotels, Spas, tourist information offices, and all places and venues that will host tourists when travel resumes.

From the Secretary of State for Tourism, Isabel Oliver,

“offering trust and safety is crucial at this time to attract both national and international tourists again. This seal is one more element in our strategy to reposition ourselves as a safe tourism destination worldwide. In addition, it serves to recognise the responsibility of those entrepreneurs who make an effort to create a safe environment in their respective businesses not only for tourists but for their own workers and residents”.


Measures Spain has taken to ensure health & safety

  • The wearing of face masks in public spaces and on public transport is compulsory
  • All of Spain’s autonomous regions are actively managing safety & access measures in relation to public spaces, beaches & hotels
  • Social distancing measure are in place
  • Tourist offices (such as the Pilgrim’s office & the tourist office in Santiago) will have restricted opening hours and distancing measures in place.
  • In hospitality there is generally a 75% limited people allowed in bars, restaurants and terraces
  • Night clubs and dance venues will not open for the present
  • Hotels may open most of their common spaces and can have entertainment in the open for up to 25 people.
  • Many consumer mobile phone apps are being developed to plan beach visits and monitor people flows in different areas so expect these to be widely used.

Spain has a great reputation for tourism around the world and we are delighted to see that the guidelines for tourism being implemented in Spain will be the benchmark for tourism worldwide.

**Please note if you are traveling to Spain you will have to complete an online form. There are more details here.

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