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Christy, USA – very pleased with my holiday

“I was very pleased with my holiday booked through Camino Ways. From the moment I first sent an inquiry, things were handled in a very timely and professional manner. In fact, when I first emailed I received a return PHONE CALL in less than an hour! Everything was handled smoothly and all my questions were answered. I felt comfortable with my choice to trust my holiday to you! Once in Spain, things went smoothly. The hotels were fine, luggage was transferred without issue. Most of the hotels didn’t have breakfast available for as early as I wanted to leave to start to walk but they all offered to send me off with a picnic/sack meal as an alternative. I thought that was nice!

I definitely would recommend your service to friends and family. In fact, I already have. I met a guy in Pamplona who was contemplating the Camino. I encouarged him to do it. He spent some time in Spain doing other things then decided to. He began walking on his own but decided the albuegues weren’t for him. He asked who I booked with, I told him and he said he contacted you from when he was already out on the Camino and you were able to help him out!
Wonderful holiday. Thank you!”

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