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#CawleyCamino Bon Camino!

As the #CawleyCamino 2016 is launched, Camino chronicler and Phil’s right hand man Eamonn reminisces about past feats… cawley-camino-todayfm-caminoways

Last September myself and a group of like minded souls, led by that mild mannered, ubiquitous introvert, Phil Cawley of Today FM, undertook a 120 km walk from the Portuguese/Spanish border northwards to Santiago de Compostela.

For many it was a life changing experience, for others a bit of craic and for some a spiritual or religious occasion. But for all it was a most enjoyable week spent in great weather with lovely company. Phil and I had trod and conquered this route before…well for conquered just read trod…and eventually stumbled into Santiago with sore feet but happy hearts. But never fear, would be Caminoists, even moderate walkers on a few miles a week will have no trouble completing this challenge. Just get a few long ones in before you travel.arcade-phil-cawley-camino-trip-caminoways

This year in early September we plan to repeat our earlier conquests led again by the wonderfully efficient staff but this time on a slightly different route, namely the English Camino. Which doesn’t actually mean that we are starting in England, rather from Ferrol in north western Spain, heading southward towards the Holy Grail that is the City of St James. We will also have more bodies on board, in fact probably double the twenty or so we had last time, such is the demand from old hands and newbies wishing to join the crew for a memorable experience.

Last year I had the pleasure of providing a daily blog for posting on Today FM’s and websites, which meant I got to engage with everybody, elicit some personal details and post the story of the day’s exploits with some pen pictures.

I still enjoy harking back to these blogs the odd time, not just for the vanity of seeing myself in print, but to relive the considerable enjoyment and memorable moments we all enjoyed.feet-phil-cawley-camino-santiago-compostela-caminoways

But I really don’t need to look back too much such is the vivid bank of memories stored in my mind. Early morning fog rising from the rivers of the many towns we started from before first light, sun burning away the clouds as we progressed through shop opening streets in small towns along the way, climbs to steepled forests giving way to grateful downhill and eddying streams, on and on through vineyards festooned with cobwebs and corn, DJ Phil banging out the hits to all and sundry in a small courtyard in beautiful Pontevedra on a picture perfect evening.

And finally that triumphant and exhilarating ascent into the Cathedral square in Santiago, where everyone is a saint for a day and tears of joy and relief come easily! Magical and memorable experiences don’t come better than this so why not join us this September for a week away from the mundane and a trip into the unknown.


Listen to Phil’s Saturday Show on Today FM for more details or simply contact the team for more details on the #CawleyCamino. Please note the #CawleyCamino 2016 is now fully booked.

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