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Cawley Camino 2018

Cawley Camino 2018

Cawley Camino 2018. The Cawley Camino is back! And this year Phil is setting himself the ultimate challenge: not one but three treks. Pack your walking shoes and best smile to join Phil and the most intrepid team of Today FM listeners. Join the group, join the fun with Phil.


This is the fifth year running and there are three special trips planned for the Cawley Camino 2018:

All Cawley Camino participants will enjoy a special 10% discount for their Camino gear from outdoor store Outback Jacks.

If you’d like to join the Today FM Cawley Camino 2018 trip, contact the travel team and quote the magic words: CawleyCamino2018.


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