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“COVID-Ready” on the Camino: The Casa Rural La Llave


According to the Spanish tourist board, on Monday (8th June) Spanish trade publication, Hosteltur published the results of a survey carried out by OTA Destinia. 

After surveying 32,000 accommodation providers in Spain, they found that 75% of these have already implemented post-COVID-19 measures such as hand sanitizers in reception, distance controls, and online check-in procedures.

As more hotels and accommodations begin to open this month, we will continue to check in with them to ensure they are COVID-ready for guests.

Earlier this week we wrote about how one of our larger hotels (Alda San Carlos) is getting COVID-ready.

Now we will look at one of our smaller, more unique accommodations – the Casa Rural (Country Cottages) La Llave.


Casa Rural La Llave: COVID-ready

The Casa Rural La Llave is a country cottage/guesthouse located very close to the centre of Villafranca del Bierzo.

It is a very unique and charming guesthouse in a quaint old building. It comes with very good reviews from our clients and is highly recommended.

Casa Rural is a relatively new concept in Spain and provides a more personal and homely touch than the larger hotels, which some of our clients prefer.

This guesthouse is owned and operated by a married couple who also live in the Casa Rural themselves.

It is just the two of them looking after all guests so no other staff will be working or coming into the house. The house is their home and they want their guests to feel comfortable and secure:

“The house is an establishment run by just two people, we are a married couple , we live in the same house, which gives everyone a lot of security, living with the owners who always seek the best for their own business.”

Some measures they have taken to ensure they are COVID-ready have been:

  • Cleaning and maintenance increased to twice per day
  • Gels, masks, and gloves in all rooms
  • Gels, masks, and gloves at the reception area
  • Signage with information on measures located all around the rural house.
  • Distancing measures in place
“We provide protection services and the tranquility that one has in his own house … gels, masks, gloves, distances … we do not have staff working, so in the rural house, we have only our clients and we enter, the measures are of total security.”

Reopening of the Casa Rural

The Spanish government has provided an outline for the reopening of all establishments in Spain and is working with the smaller Casa Rural to ensure they are compliant.
What they are trying to do is to reopen the hotels and smaller Casa Rurals with the objective of increased hygiene and safety measures but not compromising on the guest experience.
 “This ensures safety for tourists while the experience will not be affected as they have traditional services with extra safety.”
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