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Caroline, Canada – CaminoWays helped make my dream come true!

A very cheesy headline I know but it is true; I have been waiting to do el Camino for years. Camino Ways delivered everything they promised and was very well organized, All the hotel check-ins were smooth, I was always expected and I loved their choices as well: charming hotels that reflected the countryside and character of the provinces. I did my pilgrimage by bike; this is the 2nd part of the trip I would like to thank Camino Ways for–it too was as promised and my high-quality mountain bike sturdy steed did 800km (not counting getting lost but that was hardly the bike’s fault) with only 1 flat tire. I chose the option to have my luggage transported daily and of course, this went off without a hitch as well. I had a couple of glitches of my own devising (forgot documents at the previous locale, unable to access the Internet to pay bills etc and the 24/7 helpline fixed me up quickly. Go Camino Ways!!

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