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lough-dan-caminoways-walking-festivalThe expert guides from Explore More will be guiding our 14km walk at the Walking Festival and have prepared this handy list for walkers, covering personal gear and health and safety.

Make sure you read it in advance.

Personal Gear List


Walking boots – Preferably leather with a waterproof membrane
Rain jacket – Waterproof & breathable
Warm 2nd layer – to protect against chilling
Sun screen – High factor to prevent burn
Hat – tightly fitting, in case of wind/chill
Water bottle – with plenty of water
Food – about 1.5 times what you usually use
Rucksack – To carry everything in


Sugar-rich food item – to provide a quick boost if that is needed
Insect repellent – In case the need arises
Gaiters – To prevent intrusion into boots
Rain bottoms – Waterproof & breathable
Gloves – In case of windy / chilly conditions
Wicking base layer – Synthetic, not cotton
Walking poles – If required
Personal first aid kit – Containing basic supplies

Cotton absorbs liquids (rain, sweat, river water, etc.), while wet is loses any ability to retain body heat thus cotton clothing can lead to chilling and hypothermia on the hills. Cotton trousers (including jeans) should not be worn when hillwalking. It is advisable to also avoid other cotton clothing in favour of synthetic materials which dry out much quicker.

Health & Safety
Activity in the hills and mountains, such as climbing and walking, are inherently dangerous, and all participants must exercise due care and attention for their own safety while engaged in such activities.
All participants are expected to acquaint themselves with the level of effort required for the route they choose and to be satisfied that they are fit and well enough to undertake the activity on the day.
If you are taking medication you should bring it with you so that you have it to hand in case you need it and you should carry it in such a way as to protect it from extremes of temperature.
There will be stewards positioned at points along the route on the day, the route will be flagged and maps will be provided. Individuals are invited to team up with others on the day to make up small groups to provide company, reassurance and support along the way. The stewards on the hill are trained First Aiders and may be in the position to provide assistance should the need arise, also there will be an ambulance situated in the car park at Lough Dan.

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