Survey 2019

30 May 2022

At we are dedicated to learning everything we can about the Camino and the pilgrims that traverse the trails. Last year we conducted a survey of happy pilgrims which led to some fascinating results. For 2019 we are going bigger and better, but it will still only take you two minutes to take part.

The Camino is an ancient network of trails dating back thousands of years. Although some of the routes remain unspoiled and true to their heritage there is one thing that changes every year. Of course, that is the pilgrims that walk the Camino.

Help us understand more about your motivations, your favourite Camino routes, how you get around and what you’d change about the world’s most favourite pilgrimage.

Oh and we forgot to mention, there are a few €100 vouchers for some luck;y winners that complete the survey!


*** Thank you to all of those who took part! The winners of the €100 vouchers are: Tony Everett, Larry Casin, Cheryl Meban, Jim Lee, Caroline Burrell.  Congratulations!

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