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#CaminoCalendar2014 revealed! team has finally selected the 12 winning pictures for our 2014 Camino calendar.

We received over 150 pictures from all of you and many amazing shots unfortunately didn’t make the final cut. Thank you all so much for sharing with us your personal Camino de Santiago stories and stunning images.

Here are the 12 winners:

For January:
Alfonso Mazariegos

For February:
Petra Sauer

For March:
Lou Bartholdi

For April:
Cathlin Atchinson

For May:

For June:
Peter Minchin

For July:
Liam Egan

For August:
Kempton Baker

For September:
Retha Hattingh Geel

For October:
Martien Tyndall

For November:
Inge Borg

For December:
Borotai György

Congratulations to you all!

Email us your details to [email protected] so we can post a copy of the #CaminoCalendar2014.

*You can download the #CaminoCalendar2014 in PDF format for your desktop

*You can now buy a print copy of the 2014 calendar on the shop.

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