Camino Training

Camino Training

We love helping pilgrims prepare for their Camino journey. Over the years we have partnered with various Fitness and Nutrition experts to perfect our Camino Training program.

All of this information is contained in our Camino fitness plan. It is designed for anyone who is preparing for a long hike, trekking tours, walking across different terrains and people interested in healthy living.

The Camino is a different kind of break than a regular sun holiday. Camino Training, you return feeling refreshed and rejuvenated both mentally and physically. In order to get the most from your Camino, it is important to get the training miles in before you leave. This will ensure that you get to enjoy the nature and atmosphere of the Camino without worrying about the physical challenge.

Our free Camino Fitness ebook includes health tips, nutrition advice and essential stretches for walkers. You’ll also find out more about the common injuries walkers suffer and insider tips on how to prevent them. The book finishes with our 6-month fitness plan that will put a spring in your step and ensure you make the most of your journey.

If you are planning your next adventure holiday we hope that you will not limit your fitness programme to the gym. There’s nothing quite like the great outdoors to get you moving. Lace-up your boots and hit your local trails. Most importantly, enjoy it! Camino Training

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