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The Ultimate Camino Quiz

Our Camino Quiz will test your knowledge about the famous Pilgrimage route. As you know, there are loads of different routes to chose from. Many of you will have already embarked upon the journey of a lifetime on at least a section of one of these routes. Many more will be considering it some time in the future. This truly unique experience is made special by the historical significance the pilgrimage . We have some Camino fanatics here at, and we thought it was about time that we tested each others knowledge of the topic. Of course, being The Camino Experts, most of us got top marks. But a couple of tricky questions saw one or two of our contestants stumble on the trail so to speak (naming no names!). Do you know your Sarria from your Santiago? Have you picked up any Spanish on the trail? How do you know which path to follow along the trail?

We want to find out how well our fellow Pilgrims know the Camino by taking our Camino quiz below:

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