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Camino Preparation Programme: Month 1

caminoways-preparation-walkWe start the Camino de Santiago preparation programme 6-month countdown with Peter from D-Pete ‘Health & Fitness’.

By Peter

Hello Camino enthusiasts! I am delighted to announce that I will be working along-side the fantastic team and I am equally thrilled to have been given the opportunity to provide you with specialist advice on how to prepare for your Camino adventure. I will be blogging once a month offering tips on:
1. How to improve your levels of fitness?
2. Ways to prevent injury before and during your Camino!
3. What you may expect physically & emotionally throughout your travels?
4. How to prevent Chafing?
5. How to prevent blisters?
6. Stretching & warm ups
7. Local trails to hike …and much more!

So first let me begin by saying, well done and congratulations on signing up for your Camino way. This will be an amazing adventure and one you will cherish for years to come.

One of the main questions people are asking is, will I physically be able for this? So allow me answer that question in two parts:
‘Yes!’ and ‘You will be!’ You now have 6 months to prepare, to get in shape and allow your body to adapt to the physical requirements which will be demanded for your Camino adventure.

So first things first:

What is your physical condition? I would recommend a visit to your general practitioner for an overall check-up before you set off on your travels. If you have a health concern/condition, knowing and understanding the implications and consequences of strenuous exercise will be very important. This knowledge will be worth your weight in gold and will minimize potential problems that may pop up during your travels. So let’s be prepared!

Are you in good shape? If not, then let’s get you started on a regular fitness programme, one which is consistent, realistic and enjoyable. I have created a 6 month ‘general programme’ that will get you in shape before your Camino. This is already available on the CaminoWays.comand on D-Pete Health & Fitness.

*See 6-month Camino preparation plan for the first month’s progressions table: this month you should be exercising at least 25-30 minutes three times per week on alternate days and combining walking with jogging. Include your hiking gear and keep your routes varied (mixing hills, steps and uneven terrain).

If you are in good shape and exercise regularly, great! Keep up the good work! But remember you still need to challenge yourself. Take more difficult hikes; add to your existing fitness programme always making sure that it works in accordance to the demands of your Camino way.

The D-pete ‘Health & Fitness’ clinic is also offering discounted package deals for customers who would like to avail of the following services:

a) Personalised Fitness Programmes: this will be unique to you, taking your medical history, levels of fitness, physical ability into consideration to ensure your workouts are safe, highly effective and realistic.

b) Physical Assessments: What areas of your body need to be addressed before you prepare for this new adventure? Common risk sites include:

– Hips (weak hips may lead to lower back, knee and ankle injuries)
– Weak Core musculature (leading to lower back injury)
– Knees (poor tracking of the knee cap may lead to cartilage & muscle damage and hip pain)
– Rounded shoulders (upper/ mid back injuries, migraines, vertigo)

c) Treatments: Physical Therapy and/or a rehabilitation programme will be designed to remedy any insufficiencies your body may have acquired throughout the years. This may have been due to poor posture, previous injury, lack of exercise and so on.

If you feel you need that extra bit of support? Then not to worry, I am here to answer any questions you may have regarding your fitness preparation and physical health. I will also be providing additional services via the D-Pete ‘Health & Fitness’ clinic. These services will also be made mobile whereby I will travel to your location. Feel free to contact me at any time via e-mail or mobile!

*Camino Preparation Month 2

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