Camino de Santiago lingo

2 June 2022

Heading to the Camino de Santiago routes soon? We have put together a short and fun guide to the most useful Camino de Santiago lingo, a few sentences in Spanish and Galician to help you along the way!:


Buen Camino! – This is the one sentence you will always remember. It is the meet and greet between pilgrims, and between pilgrims and locals.

Bo Camiño / Bon Camiño – Once you are in Galicia you might hear this instead! as it is in Galician language. As you enter Galicia, you’ll see the Camino is referred to as: Camiño de Santiago.

Ultreia! – It is a less known version of ‘Buen Camino!’ but the sentiment remains the same: safe journey to Santiago!

Peregrino: male pilgrim / Peregrina: female pilgrim

Bicigrino: male bike pilgrim / Bicigrina: female bike pilgrim

Me gusta… el pulpo (Spanish): I like… octopus. Of course you can replace ‘octopus’ with any other food of your choice! calamares (squid), pollo (chicken), caldo gallego (galician stew), ensalada (salad), sopa (soup), pan (bread)… Gústame … o pulpo (also ‘polbo’) would be the lingo in Galician language.

No me gusta… el pulpo: I don’t like… octopus.  Non me gusta … o pulpo would be the same in Galician.

Me encanta … el pulpo: I love… octopus. Encántame … o pulpo in Galician.

Concha: shell, so you can refer to your Camino scallop shell

Me duelen los pies (Spanish) Dóenme os pés (Galician): my feet are sore

Necesito… un café: I need … a coffee but you can easily replace coffee with…

Un descanso: a little rest or break

Por favor: please

Venimos de… Sarria (Spanish) / Vimos de … Sarria (Galician): you can replace Sarria with your starting point: St Jean, Tui, Lugo, O Cebreiro, Ponferrada, Ribadeo…

Muchas gracias (Spanish) Moitas grazas (Galician): thank you very much!

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Bear in mind, depending on your chosen route you will encounter different languages: Galician in Galicia but also Basque (Euskera) along the Northern Camino, Catalan on the Camino Catalan, French on the French routes and Portuguese on the Portuguese and Portuguese Coastal Camino.

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