Camino Beaumont hospital, 5th and last walking day

Cathedral, Santiago14km, 4h, from Amenal to Santiago de Compostela. Camino de Santiago Photo Gallery

This was our last walking day, we felt very  happy to finally see Santiago, but also sad that our journey was already over. Time flies…

Amenal is at the bottom of a hill, so we started walking up for 2km. Another 2km flat, around the airport, and we reach Lavacolla. This is the place where pilgrims used washed themselves before reaching the holy-city.

From lavacolla, we walked the next 5km, slightly uphill, in the shade mostly, until we reached Monte Do Gozo, the mount of Joy, our first sight on the city of the apostle.

From Monte do Gozo, 2km downhill and we crossed the city to the historic centre and the Cathedral for the famous Pilgrim Mass.

The Pilgrim mass takes place everyday at 12pm and 5pm, and several thousands pilgrims meet for this unique event. The Bota Fumeiro (great ancensory) swang in the cathedral, the tomb of the appostle, etc…

We finish the day and our trek by celebratory dinner, with the famous Queimada (traditional Galician drink), and couple of Estrella Galicia beer!

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Camino de Santiago Photo Gallery


  1. By lee bruce

    I understand your comments and anyone who has done the whole thing might feel those who do less are cheating. I do,however, fee l that as an introduction to those with a yearning to do the camino and who are perhaps not so young or so fit,it would be a good introduction. I am 58 and suffer from fybromalagia but i so want to to a camino but being unfit and over weight i shant do one till in my 60th year and hopefully a bit lighter and fitter but doing the five days one would make my children really proud of me and give me a llittle of old walking self back.I would hate to feel it was not .a real camino,its not in some ways but this start of trip for me would be a huge achievement and i i think i would cherish the experience and it might be a spy to do the who thing.

  2. By Silvia Ingrid Kukk

    I recommend that you walk from the beginning of the road… because…the last 100 km is totally commercial and full of tourists and basically not “real” Camino experience … Try !!! You wont regret it ! check out my journey photos from my facebook… link :

  3. By paul freehill

    i came back on thursday last after doing the camino from sarria to santiago. it was a wonderful experience . highlights of the trip was the old simple churches and simple masses. also the friendliness of everyone. also we found a roadside stall with no one minding it and food and drink left there. you just payed for what you got ,there was an old read seat parked beside it. here the whole thing would have been robbed. palas de rei was the favourite town with a good atmosphere,worst town was melide and would avoid it again.strangest thing i seen was a coke vending machine in a field outside sarria heading to portomarin after crossing the railway line.

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