Camino Beaumont hospital, 4th walking day

beaumont-camino-caminowaysAnother day in Paradise. (As my friend from America used to say). 23km, 6h30, from Arzua to Amenal. Photo Album here.

Today was a great day. Our group is completely different from on day 1, and we got totally hooked on walking.

At first it was a holiday, a fun trip abroad for all. Slowly, completing it, became a sort of “duty” for everyone. Even though we have a mini-bus, very few use it, and we have to walk every single part of it, and not to miss a bit.

Walks are becoming “natural” and stop are “social”, we start to recognize familiar faces and share news and gossip of the Camino. For example we have been walking with this Irish group, this dutch contingent and this Spanish families for few days. It is as if we know each others.

Sharing time with people from other background, social status, nationality that we would never have been friend to otherwise. THIS IS THE CAMINO. Photo Album here.


  1. By lee bruce

    the preparation before you set out would be good for us too.

  2. By Amina

    Hi Audrey,
    Thank you so much for your comments. We are hoping to isse a small article on “preparation before your trip on Camino” in the coming days. look out for it, it will have some useful tips. If there is anything we can help you with please don’t hesitate to contact us.

  3. By Audrey

    Love reading your blog, my husband and I are planning to do the exact same section next Sept. so Im hugely interested in your experience. Would love any tips you can give.

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