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Camino Beaumont hospital, 2nd walking day

beaumont-caminowaysSecond day of our walk on the last 100km of the French Way is done and we really enjoyed it!

We started walking at 9am and finished at 4pm. The weather was superb, 28 degree, with a light fresh breeze… Absolutely perfect! And although today there was a lot of walking on country-side walk, it is also the most colorful part of the last 100km.

Today we had the chance to cross a lot of sleepy and unspoilt villages. Flowers are everywhere blooming, fruits and vegetable growing everywhere, more than on any other day of the walk!

We had 2 breaks en-route. one for tea in Gonzar, a small cafe on the Camino, and the second for lunch in Ventas de Naron, for sandwiches, salads, steaks, and chicken!

Have a look at our Camino day 2, photos!



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