Camino Beaumont hospital, 1st walking day

beaumont-hospital-caminowaysFirst day walk, 23km, 6h. Stop for lunch half way at Ferreiros.

This is my 10th time on the last 100km of the Camino, and this is the first time I have so much fun.

Yesterday, after our flight, we arrive at our hotel in the centre of Lugo, where we are to stay for the first 3 nights of our trip. We had a nap and showers, and met at 8pm for dinner.

We were really please to find a nice little restaurant, well situated, with unlimited wine! We started singing but was it really a good idea? At that point yeah sure. When we woke up at 7am, the next day, some had heavy heads…

It took us 20min to reach Sarria.  We visited the beautiful Monastery of the Merced, where the head-brother gave us a tour of the place. After the tour we started walking.

For the first 2km, the walk is tough, although it is in the shade of an old oak forest, it is uphill. After 5km, we arrived in Barbadello for tea, and we had someone using the support-minibus we had with us (the person finished the walk with us later).

After that we had a much easier walk through the country side at the top of the ridge that we followed all the way to Portomarin.

We had lunch in the hamlet of Feirreiros, with other pilgrims from all nationalities. I had steak,while  some had salads, soups, lentils dishes, tortillas, fries, etc…

The end of the day gave us a spectacular approach and amazing views on Portomarin, and the Mino river below.

Portomarin, is a rebuilt village, when in the 60’s, Franco’s government decided to build a dam, and all the village had to be move uphill! Although the church has an unique architecture, it looks like a medieval castle, with no towers and no windows… Bizarre, but I am sure someone likes it.

Dinner at 8pm, after our 6h walk, I am looking forward to unlimited wine :)


  1. By lee bruce

    My hisband and i have been inspired by our friends long camino 3330k from germany we are in not fit state to tackle that but as a challenge we would love to do the last 100 k so this is really really interesting to us.we are not fit,he is better than i am and we thought to take a year or18th months and do it in our 60th year.You experience is so valuable to us. Cant wait to read more and would love to hear from any of you. I have two folk who were great walkers that we lost one at 23 one at 80 i would love to walk it form them and for me. Is this a currant blog.wat time of year and how fit were you all look pretty fit.

  2. Not more than 3 days all of you will reach the Plaza do Obradoiro to watch Santiago Cathedral. After Salceda to Brea (between Arzua – Arca), watch on your left side among the hidden trees the well-preserved Celtic castle of Roda do Castro. Spare for few minutes there.
    We are longing to follow your pilgrimage reports. Hope every one OK. Take care

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