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Gubbio and the biggest Christmas tree in the world

christmas-tree-gubbio-stfrancis-way-walking-italy-francigenawaysGubbio and the biggest Christmas tree in the world

The city of Gubbio in Umbria, on the second section of the St Francis Way or Cammino di Francesco, is home to the biggest Christmas tree in the world.

It was back in 1981 when the huge Christmas tree was first installed on the slopes of Mount Ingino overlooking the city of Gubbio. The tree was originally created to honour Saint Ubaldo, patron saint of the city. Gubbio’s Christmas tree is over 650-meters high and has over 300 lights.

In 1991, the Gubbio Christmas tree entered the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s largest Christmas tree. Gubbio’s Christmas tree, also called ‘L’Albero di Natale più grande del mondo’ in Italian, is switched on 7th December each year and stays lit until 6th January, Epiphany Day.

Different personalities are chosen to switch the Christmas tree lights each year.

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