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6 Month Camino Preparation Programme has partnered with Peter from D-Pete Health and Fitness clinic in Dublin to share professional fitness advice and help you prepare for your Camino de Santiago trip.

Peter has created this dedicated 6-month Camino preparation plan, easy to print and follow.

In the coming months, Peter will be sharing his specialist training tips month by month to get you in shape for the Camino.

Month Time/ Distance Frequency p/w Progressions
6 25 – 30mins 3 times p/w 1. Walk – jog – walk – jog   (interval training)
2. Include hiking gear (bag + contents, jacket, shoes)
3. Change route: hills – steps – uneven terrain
4. Alternate days:
    2 Train days (back to back) – rest – Train – rest – Train     ….and so on!!
5 40 – 60mins 3 times p/w Choose any of the above
5. Hiking trail: 1 -2 times p/w walk a local hiking trail, this    will break you away from the even surfaced roads and paths
4 40 – 60mins 4 times p/w Choose any of the above
6. Cycle/ swim or jog one of the 4 days for variety
7. Attend the gym one of the 4 training days for variety
3 5 – 7Km 3 times p/w Choose any of the above
2 15Km 1-2 times p/w Choose any of the above
10Km 1-2 times p/w 8. Add an additional 5 -10 pounds (roughly 2-5Kg) to your bag
1 20Km 1-2 times p/w Choose any of the above
10Km 1-2 times p/w

*Contact D-Pete Health & Fitness Clinic if you require personal advice on health and fitness ahead of your Camino de Santiago.


  1. By Tracy Lill

    Hi Floyd, I will be starting the walk at Ponfereda on the 1st of May and finishing about the 14th. I’m looking to book with Camino ways so I have accommodation each night but don’t want to miss out on the group experience. I may see you on the way. :)

  2. By Floyd Gallant

    Hi. Am beginning my plans for the full French Way beginning next April (2015). I plan to finish on May 22 (my 60th birthday). I have a history of marathon running, just not in the past 5 years. Am comfortable with 10 km walk/runs now. What more can I be doing for the preparation?

  3. By Maria

    Hi Roger! are you planning to do the full French Way from St Jean? Both May and September are good months in terms of weather. We run guided tours but usually just 1-week long to cover smaller sections, see here: But if you are active and looking for a bit of adventure, going on your own as a self-guided tour should be no problem, and part of the experience (socialising with other pilgrims along the way). If you are looking to get your accommodation organised, our travel team will be happy to send you an itinerary and quote ( Let us know if you need any more information, Roger! Kind regards

  4. By roger wills

    Hi. Planning to do full Camino hike 2014. Have either May or Sept available. Am 67 yrs young. Walk, cycle and swim weekly. Which best months and as single, is it best to go alone or join group. How to find like minded group. Regards Roger

  5. Hello Gerald,

    Thank you for your message! If the gym/ swimming pool are too far, there are other alternatives, a lot of which you can do from your own home. Here are some examples:

    1. Aerobic Exercises such as Squats, Standing Knee Raises, Abdominal Curls, Step ups (using the stairs at home) and so on will increase your Cardiovascular and Muscular Endurance which is important for your Camino. This can be done before and after your walk!
    (NB: Proper instruction is required to ensure safety if you are unfamiliar with the exercises)

    2. Walk a route that has More Inclines!

    3. During your walk if you find an area that has Steps take advantage of that and walk up (for safety – be close to the side to grab hold of the banister/ wall in case you loose balance or footing)

    4. Interval Training: Break up your walk by including some of the above Aerobic Exercises:

    Walk – (10 squats, 10 walking knee raises, 10 Squats) –Walk – Repeat Exercises – Walk and so on

    With regard to your progress so far, Well Done! 10Km 5 days a week is fantastic! Keep up the good work! The fact that your did the Camino Sarria to Santiago last October also gives you a great advantage. So if you want to up the tempo, then any of the above will do.

    You know what your limits are and what you are capable of, and so I will say this, always listen to your body. Our bodies constantly communicate with us, telling us what is wrong, what we are lacking and what we have too much of and so on.

    For further information i.e. learning some aerobic exercises, stretches, information on managing old or reoccurring injuries, feel free to visit the D-pete ‘Health & Fitness’ Clinic otherwise if you are not based in Dublin, contact a local Fitness Instructor to teach you some exercises or a your local Physical Therapist/ Physio if you have questions regarding injury.

    I hope this Helps Gerald! By the way where are you based?


  6. By gerald griffin

    Hi just came across your fitness programme.. I am aged 70 .never good at jogging. To far away from pool. What alternative training should I do at home. I’m walking full Camino in Sept and walking about 10 k five days over week. Is it too much too soon? Die the short Camino Sarria to Santiago last Oct. No bother. Great site thank you.Gerald Griffin

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