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5 Unmissable Camino Routes

5 Unmissable Camino Routes

Planning your Camino de Santiago adventure? Whether you are a newbie, a bike enthusiast or food is your thing, there is an unforgettable Camino journey waiting for you. The team has picked 5 Unmissable Camino Routes:

1- Camino Frances: the Classic Camino

BEST FOR: Camino newbies.camino-de-santiago-tour-caminoways

The Camino Frances or French Way is by far the most famous of the Camino routes, featuring in movies such as Martin Sheen’s The Way, as well as countless Camino books. To give you an idea, approximately 65% of all pilgrims from all over the globe take the Camino Frances. While the route is 800kms long, the majority of pilgrims start in the town of Sarria, in Galicia, just over 100kms away from Santiago.

WHY? If what you are looking for is the spirit and essence of the Camino, you will find them alive and well walking the Camino Frances from Sarria to Santiago. It is here you will meet pilgrims from all nationalities and encounter the legendary Camino camaraderie. In addition, you will be able to get your Compostela pilgrim certificate in Santiago. This is a totally Unmissable Camino Routes.

TOUR DETAILS: Sarria to Santiago.

2 – Finisterre Way: to the End of the World!

BEST FOR: Scenery.

The Finisterre Camino is a superb route, ideal if you have already done part of the Camino. Cape Fisterra is actually the very end of the Camino trail, and near the lighthouse, you will find the KM0 milestone. It is a journey to the end of the world, as Finisterre means ‘Land’s End’ and it was believed to be the very edge of the known world. It is the only Camino route that starts in Santiago so you will get to explore the city before you set off.

WHY? Wonderful country scenery for the first half and fantastic ocean views (as well as wild Atlantic beaches) from Fisterra to Muxia. It is also a region of fascinating legends and history. This is also an Unmissable Camino Routes.

TOUR DETAILS: Finisterre Camino.

3 – Camino del Norte: Northern Delights

pintxos-food-basque-country-camino-del-norte-caminowaysBEST FOR: Gastronomy.

The first two sections of Camino del Norte will introduce you to the delights of the Basque Country. The first section from San Sebastian to Bilbao is mainly inland and bit more challenging but the country landscapes are stunning; while section two takes you from the city of Bilbao where you should sample its famous ‘pintxos’ to elegant Santander. Along the way, you will stop in seaside towns full of Northern charm, and excellent regional delicacies.

WHY? You don’t necessarily want to finish in Santiago and you are looking for a different Camino experience. Michelin-starred San Sebastian is a must-visit for foodies.

TOUR DETAILS: Camino del Norte from Bilbao.

4 – Portuguese Coastal Way: Coastal Beauty

Vigo-bay-view-portuguese-coastal-way-caminowaysBEST FOR: Ocean views.

The Portuguese Coastal Way is a perfect Summer Camino route, as the seaside towns along the trail come alive in the Summer months. In addition, you can go for a dip in the ocean some of the evenings. This is an off the beaten track route that will reward you with peaceful trails and wonderful coastal landscapes. Walking the whole Camino from Porto will take you a couple of weeks but you can also walk the last section from Baiona (Galicia) in just a week.

WHY? You are looking for lovely coastal trails and a peaceful experience (you won’t meet many pilgrims until you join the classic Portuguese trail in Redondela). An insider’s tip: spend an extra day in Baiona or Vigo so you can take the ferry to the pristine Cies islands, an authentic paradise (only accessible from June to September).

TOUR DETAILS: Portuguese Coastal Way from Baiona.

5 – Cycling the Camino

sarria-santiago-cycling-camino-de-santiago-caminowaysBEST FOR: Two-wheeled pilgrims.

10% of all pilgrims arriving in Santiago do so on two wheels and these bike pilgrims are commonly known as ‘bicigrinos’. If this is your first ‘bicigrino’ adventure we recommend you take the relatively easy itinerary cycling the Camino Frances from Ponferrada to Santiago, in just a week. You will be cycling between 23 and 50kms per day and you will ride 200kms in total, which means you will be entitled to request your Compostela pilgrim certificate in Santiago. From Ponferrada, you will be heading into Galicia across the Mountains of O Cebreiro, so there is a bit of a challenge ahead. More experienced cyclists can start further back in Leon, instead.

WHY? You will be cycling the Camino Frances, the most famous and sociable route. Fantastic scenery along the way and you will get your pilgrim certificate at the end.

TOUR DETAILS: Cycling the Camino from Ponferrada.

We hope you enjoyed reading our 5 Unmissable Camino Routes. You might also want to read our article: How to choose the right Camino walk?

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