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5 Improvements to provide a Better Client Experience in 2020

Providing a better client experience on our website is something we have constantly kept at the forefront of our minds as a team.

The pandemic has provided us with an opportunity to look inwards and redevelop a number of things that we hope can deliver a better all-round client experience on our website.

Throughout 2020, we have made a number of key improvements to our website:

5 Improvements for Better Client Experience

These website improvements include access to more up-to-date information than ever before, easy access to downloadable content, and going completely paperless! We have been busy every month in 2020 making these improvements:

1. April: A COVID-19 News Section

From the start of the travel restrictions, we have aimed to keep our clients up to date with the latest news on travel and travel restrictions.

Back in April, we implemented a COVID-19 News Section where we outlined the most up to date news for travelers to Spain, Portugal, France and Italy – the countries we operate in.

The purpose of providing this information on our website is so we can keep our clients informed as to what they need to do in order to travel and what they need to know before they go. It’s presented in a simple format and updated as soon as we get new information.

Click on the link to find all details of our COVID-19 Travel News.

Camino Audio Guide

2. May: Updated Holiday Packs

In May we created a downloadable Custom ebook (Guidebook) for every Camino route we have with all the information you need about your route.

We also created new Live Map Links which are easily downloaded to your smartphone.

Both of these (Guidebook & Map link) are a part of the new updated Holiday Packs which will overall provide a better experience:

“The feedback we have from clients is the electronic version of travel documents help a lot during their trip as you can now follow your position on the route to the meter, and it helps significantly in finding your accommodation when they are a little off the trail.”

For additional information on the New Holiday Packs, see our Explainer here: How to use your new holiday pack. 

3. July: We’ve Gone Paperless!

Going paperless is something we have wanted to do for a long time. Not only is it better for the environment but it is easier for the client to have all the information they need on their own device.

Previously we would have posted out a lot of the information to our client’s address, however, this was not sustainable and in the long run, not good for the environment.

According to Solenn, Reservations Manager at,

“Our plan to go paperless in our travel documents for the 2020 season turned out to be good timing with the pandemic. Working from home due to the restrictions made us take the plunge a little quicker than planned and as a result, we have also improved our information database over the past months.”

If you would like to read more about how we are helping the environment and the Camino, check out our Greenlife Fund Page for more information about responsible travel and tourism.


4. September: Currency Converter

A change we have been wanting to make for some time has been to add a currency converter to our website.

While it is a simple change it has helped many of our clients to check prices in their own currency.

We have already received a lot of positive feedback from this initiative which is great and we hope to roll out more of these changes as we further redevelop the website.

5. November: Client WIKI

Something we have been working on right up to this month has been the new wiki website which provides a huge amount of information for clients.

In our new Client WIKI we have information on Trip Preparation, Travel Documents, and an FAQ section which is very useful:

“Thanks to our new wiki website, most answers about the Camino or how to use the online platform can be answered for your own trip preparation; this is invaluable for clients in different time zones to get answers immediately”

We are constantly working on updating this information to provide instant access to information for clients and a better client experience.


If you think we have left anything out or have more work to do, please let us know!

Your feedback is vital to our continued success as a business and we are here to help with anything you need. Fill out the form below and let us know how we can help you better:



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