2015 Camino prep Sunday walks

prep-walk-howth-caminowaysThe CaminoWays.com team will be back on track, quite literally! later this month, as a new series of Camino prep Sunday walks starts the last Sunday of the month. Whether you are preparing for the Camino de Santiago or just fancy a bit of exercise and fresh air, our Sunday walks are a good opportunity to meet the CaminoWays.com team in person and always good healthy fun. We try to include a variety of trails, ranging from 6 to 10km, approximately. Our Sunday walks are free for everybody to attend but we’d like you to register to help the team prepare and keep the group to a manageable size.

After the huge success of our first walking festival last year, we’ll be hosting the second edition of the CaminoWays.com Walking Festival in July to celebrate St James Day, information and tickets will be available later in the year so stay tuned!


22nd February 2015: Bray to Greystones

29th March 2015: Crone Woods – The Wicklow Way

26th April 2015: Glendalough

31st May 2015: Rathnew Jubilee Loop

28th June 2015: Prince William’s Seat

Saturday 25th July 2015 – St James Day: CaminoWays.com Walking Festival

30th August 2015: Fairy Castle

27th September 2015: Howth

25th October 2015: Bray Head Loop

Keep an eye on the CaminoWays.com Facebook Events page or this blog post to check for last minute updates. We are also open to new ideas, so if there is a particular route you’d like to suggest to the team, let us know: marketing@caminoways.com.

If you need more information about our Camino prep walks or to book your Camino trip, contact our travel specialists


  1. By Maria

    Hi Patricia, that’s great. Our next walk is on this weekend but it’s currently full. We host them on the last Sunday of each month in the Wicklow area, generally. Keep an eye on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/caminoways/events

  2. By Patricia Hanley

    lm interested in doing Camino next year.I need to practice beforehand and would like to link in with walkers.I live in Dublin and spend weekends in Wexford so could do varios walks.

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