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CLUNY WAY – Chemin de Cluny

Cluny Way

The Cluny Way (GR76), Chemin de Cluny in French (#chemindecluny), is the Camino de Santiago route starting in the historical town of Cluny, in Burgundy, and joining the Le Puy Way in Le Puy en Velay. Before you start your journey, you should take time to explore Cluny and its famous medieval abbey.

From Burgundy, the Cluny Way then crosses the Beaujolais hills winding its way through its vineyards, traverses the Roannaise coast through the Forez mountains and passes the breathtaking gorges of the Loire River, finally reaching the spectacular volcanic landscapes of Velay and your destination: Le Puy en Velay. Read more Cluny Way Camino articles on our blog.


Sections Town Km Section Summary
Section 1 Cluny
Tramayes 18 The first section of the Cluny Way starts in Cluny and finishes in Charlieu. As we leave Cluny, the landscapes of southern Burgundy become instantly recognisable. You will walk across dense forest of hardwood and conifers; pastures with grazing Charolais beef and sheep, goats , horse breeding pastures; as well as the Burgundy vineyards, close to where Beaujolais red and white wine is produced. The way of St James then links the department of Saone et Loire, the Rhône and Beaujolais hills and the Department of the Loire.
Ouroux 16
Propieres 18
Le Cergne 19
Section 2 Charlieu 16
Saint-Haon-le-Châtel 22 Section 2 of the Cluny Way camino goes from Charlieu to Montbrison. Charlieu, near Burgundy, is the starting point. Then you will enter the Roanne region, a country famous for its mesh and textiles, and for its great food! Along this section you can admire a rich cultural, architectural and natural heritage.
St-Jean St-Maurice 21
St-Germain-Laval 20
Montverdun 21
Section 3 Montbrison 16
Marols 22 Section 3 of the Cluny Way starts in Montbrison and finishes in Le Puy en Velay. The Forez region reveals the beauty of its landscapes, full of coniferous forests, heather and hills . From these highlands, on a clear day you can see the mountains of Velay and Vivarais, the Natural Park of Pilat and even the snow-capped Alps. Along the way, you will head from the department of the Loire to enter Haute-Loire with its different landscapes. Arriving in Retournac, the Loire guides you to our final destination Le Puy en Velay.
Merle-Leignecq 20
Retournac 28
Saint-Vincent 25
Le Puy en Velay 22
  • Walking
  • Cycling
Cluny Way - Section 1 -Monsols -

Cluny Way - Cluny to Charlieu 1/3

6 Nights-€682- Walking Section 1 of 3

Cluny Way - Section 2 - forez -

Cluny Way - Charlieu to Montbrison 2/3

6 Nights-€682- Walking Section 2 of 3

Cluny Way - Section 3 -puy - saint - vincent -

Cluny Way - Montbrison to Le Puy en Velay 3/3

6 Nights-€682- Walking Section 3 of 3


Cluny Way - Cluny to Le Puy en Velay FULL WALK

16 Nights-€1916- Full Walk


Cluny Way cycling - Cluny to Le Puy en Velay FULL CYCLE

9 Nights-€1097- Cycling Section