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Mary, United States – Portuguese Coastal Way with CaminoWays is a trip of a lifetime

mary-camino-finisterre-customer-review-caminoways“This September I did my second trip with Camino Ways. My husband and I walked for 16 days. We started in Porto, Portugal and walked to Santiago (12 days) and then on to Finisterre (4 days.) I highly recommend Camino Ways! They handled the accommodations, which included breakfast every day and dinner 12 nights. This Camino is not nearly as popular as the French Way, but it is very lovely. I took hundreds of pictures. Each day was an exciting adventure. The luggage transfers worked perfectly. What a pleasure to only carry your day back and have your luggage shuttled to the next destination.”

4 Responses to “Mary, United States – Portuguese Coastal Way with CaminoWays is a trip of a lifetime”


Hi Winston, thank you for your enquiry. We have a list of guided tours available here: . Most of our guided tours cover the last sections of the routes but September is one of the busiest months on the Camino and you will meet other pilgrims along the way. I have sent your enquiry to our travel team who will send you the most updated information on the guided tours. Kindest regards, Lisa.


Hi, I wish to do the Portuguese Coastal Way from Porto in September 2017 or March/April 2018. Is there an English speaking group that I could join ? Thank you

Maria Di Paolo

Hi I am thinking of doing the Camino walk in October 2017. I am not certain which way to take , French classic 100km. Or the Portuguese way.
Would like to get comments from those travellers who have done either. Thanks


Hi, could we communicate via email regarding your walk? I am doing it in May this year!!!! thanks..

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